This third and final iteration of Black Gold was made possible by the work, faith and support of so many. The first iteration of the project took form as a residency and exhibition at The Bows (formerly Untitled Art Society) in Calgary in 2019. The second exhibition took place at grunt gallery in Vancouver in 2021. This online exhibition is presented as part of Centre CLARK's programming, and was supported by Centre CLARK, grunt gallery and the BC Arts Council.

Black Gold is the result of many years of artistic research and production by Tsēmā Igharas. Curated by Natasha Chaykowski, and with design by Sébastien Aubin (OTAMI-), the website was developed by Jordan (Joni) Schinkel, and created with the help of research assistants Haley McLean and Britany Quinn.

The artist would like to thank Lacy Gielen Janice Makokis and Tamara Lee-Anne Cardinal for sharing their time, energy and cultural teachings.

Our thanks to Ociciwan Contemporary Art Centre for hosting the performance In Oil We Trust and hosting the live footage of the flag, and to Sublet Sound for creating the sound for the performance.

Artist talk, grunt gallery
Exhibition Review by Steven Cottingham, C Mag
Trash Intimacies by Steph Wong Ken, Canadian Art
Critical Essay by ma̱lidi/Mercedes Webb
Artist talk, C Mag